6 Critical Features Determining a Powerful Logic Analyzer

6 Critical Features Determining a Powerful Logic Analyzer

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The development of better software or firmware requires the use of a logic analyzer that offers dependable clues regarding signal problems. A powerful and multi-featured logic analyzer will prove more revealing than those with limited information and sampling gathering capabilities. Below are six critical features to look for in a better logic analyzer.

Option-Packed Probes

Coaxial shielding of probes allows for less interference and distortion of signals during analysis. Eliminate the problems of crosstalk and distortion that most logic analyzers offer.

Multi-Level Triggers

You can take advantage of a 16-level trigger sequence, which provides 16-pattern,8-edge, and 8-range triggers. Every level gives you a 36-bit timer and counter that allows you to qualify each trigger event.

Deep Memory Capacity

The ability to capture as much as many samples as possible, over numerous channels will give you a better chance to capture the problem with a signal. It will outperform any USB streaming by capturing high-speed samples.

State Analysis

You can take advantage of a logic analyzer with a more versatile dual state mode. You simply use a clock signal from your device that determines when a signal has been latched and signals input. You have the ability to use a dedicated lock channel.

Transitional Timing

Being able to capture signals that are mere nanoseconds in length over a long period of time allows you to come to an incredibly precise result. Transitional timing is a rare extra with most logic analyzers.

Glitch Capture

You can literally capture glitches in the signal, no matter how minute with the glitch capture feature found on the best logic analyzer. Each captured glitch will be marked on the trace capture.

Any and all of these features can make a big difference in your development results with all types of software and firmware. Expanding your detection capabilities and problem sourcing helps put you on the right track to better finished products.

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