Guide to Removing Unwanted Object with Movavi Photo Editor

Guide to Removing Unwanted Object with Movavi Photo Editor

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Movavi Photo Editor features an object removal tool that can erase away the unwanted object and reconstruct the area based on the pattern of the nearby regions. The object removal tool is effective in erasing an unwanted object that is surrounded by similar patterns. It can help you to save a lot of time in erasing the unwanted object compared to using a clone stamp tool found in advanced photo editor.


To remove object from photo, you must go to the Object Removal tab to access the object removal tool. By default, the brush is selected in the Object Removal tab. When the brush tool is selected, your mouse cursor will show a symbol of a plus sign in a circle. With the red brush tool, you must paint the area that you want to erase from the photo. You can adjust the thickness of the brush by dragging the brush size tool.


Dragging the brush size tool to the left will reduce the brush size while dragging the brush size tool to the right will increase the brush size. If you accidentally painted the wrong area with the red brush tool, you can click on the eraser button to erase it. The size of the eraser can also be adjusted by dragging the eraser tool.


Movavi Photo Editor offers you the ability to use lasso tool to select the object that you want to erase. There are two types of lasso tools in Movavi Photo Editor. The first type of lasso tool allows you to draw circle line while the second type of lasso tool allow you to draw straight line. When you have done marking the unwanted object in red color, the next step is to click the Start Erasing button to initiate the erasing process.


A progress bar that says it is working on erasing the objects marked in red will appear. The amount of time it takes to erase the unwanted objects will depend on how many unwanted objects you have marked with the red brush tool. You can click on the cancel button to cancel the process so that none of the selected object get erased.


If the object is not erased properly, you have the option to use the clone stamp tool to repair the area. To use the clone stamp tool, you must first select the area that you want to copy. You should copy a point that is further away from the flawed area that you want to repair. To copy a point of pattern, you simply press the Alt key and hold down your mouse button.


As you start painting with the clone stamp tool, you will notice two cross hair symbol with one showing where it is copying and the other showing the actual movement of your mouse cursor as you paint over the flawed area. If you erased the wrong object, you can click on the Revert Changes button to undo the changes. You can click the Save As button to save the photo when you are done removing the unwanted object.

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