The Importance Of Using Portable Gas Analyzers

The Importance Of Using Portable Gas Analyzers

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Every year there are millions if not billions of sealed containers entering the ports of the country which contain unidentified gasses. These gasses may pose a significant health risk to those people who are in charge of handling the barrels. This is why handheld gas analyzers such as a nova analyzer should be used.

Having these devices in hand and ready to use is crucial because these containers will almost always contain gasses at an accelerated level which is far above pure air. Inspectors need to know whether or not the gasses within the container pose any kind of danger to humans.

Another reason is that there could be more than one gas contained within the container. In instances of multiple gas ingredients, it is key to be able to identify which gasses are contained within the unit and which are deadly or at least dangerous to humans in the vicinity.

The length of time that the containers are kept in ports also need to be reduced as it can lead to evaporation of the gasses. Not only is this bad if they escape into the environment but it can give a far less accurate reading as to exactly what kind of gasses are present in the containers.

The best way to analyze these gasses “on the fly” is to use a handheld device such as a nova analyzer . It is clear that the gasses must be analyzed as quickly as possible and this simply cannot be done with larger and bulkier machines. For this reason, any business which is involved in the handling of sealed containers coming in from overseas would be wise to invest in multiple handheld gas analyzers. The safety of the environment and the workers is truly at stake.

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