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Industrial Blenders

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From the constant, internal movements of machines to the ongoing actions of its operators, manufacturing floors contain a plethora of action. It may seem chaotic for someone not familiar with the process, but to the employees, it’s a ballet of sorts, particularly in the mixing and blending section of the plant. The movement of the ribbon mixers or fluidizers can be hypnotic to watch as materials are combined into a product which has the same potency, color, and texture throughout. If the plant utilizes Blending Mezzanines to add materials into their industrial blenders, the scene can be even more dramatic.

Blending mezzanines are structures which allow employees to fill their blenders above the manufacturing floor. Normally, these mezzanines, sold by companies like AIM Blending Technologies, are implemented in plants with multiple stories. In using these structures, workers can fill (also known as charge) the blenders from a higher elevation. In addition, the blenders can be lifted to allow the product to be loaded in the top or, when the process is complete, to allow the discharge to be deposited into a waiting receptacle.

The good thing about purchasing a series of mezzanines for your organization is they all have a powerful Return on Investment (ROI) for your company. First, the strongest of these structures can hold tons of blending materials or, with a pneumatic attachment, can lift 50-100 pound bags of material to the edge of the blender. Mezzanines can also be built to surround a blender to allow for proper cleaning and inspection. In fact, there are many options which can be attached. These include magnets, sample ports, a dust collector, and a bulk bag filling system for the blender’s discharge.

Overall, a mezzanine and its accessories can make an employee’s task less strenuous and, thus, lead to a more productive plant floor. What you need depends on your setup and budget. If you only need a mezzanine to store blender materials, then you want to go with the simplest version. Before you make any decision it’s best to consult with a blending technology company to see if they agree or suggest something else to help economize your processes while maintaining productivity.

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