The Benefits of SmartCabinet for Multiple Location Packaging Centers

The Benefits of SmartCabinet for Multiple Location Packaging Centers

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The packaging of dangerous goods carries a great deal of responsibility in following all package guidelines and specifications for documentation. Below are a few ways that SmartCabinet can help when you are operating from numerous packaging locations.

Print, Download, or Email Required Documentation Anywhere In the World

No matter where your packaging centers are around the world, you can download, email, or print the documentation needed from one central location. It creates a more private atmosphere to share information. Searching is simple, and you will access the required information quickly. It is one of the easiest ways to stay in compliance with documentation.

Completely Eliminate Paper Document Filing

The SmartCabinet system eliminates the need to keep tons of documents in physical storage. It will save room and create a safer way to store private information. The only people able to access the documents are those that you give clearance. Simply print the exact documents you need at the time they are required.

Worldwide Secure Access

Keeping required documents in a digital format allows you to access them in any part of the globe you find yourself having to travel. You can send the necessary documents to any location nearly instantaneously. It beats carrying something via a courier. It eliminates the wait time.

Access Testing Reports, DOT Notifications, and Certifications

Compliance rules and regulations are stringent for medications and dangerous goods. Maintain access to current testing reports, DOT notifications, and any required certifications. It allows you easy access to download and print the documents needed to prove compliance with the regulations. Any and all information is accessible on demand.

Access Forms and Worksheets

You can choose from a variety of helpful forms and worksheets to download and print. It is a useful tool for training. Everything you need document-wise to stay organized is right at your fingertips with SmartCabinet. It is a required feature if you plan to expand your market or add products.

Locate Packaging Assembly Instructions

You may know how to put packaging together, but your other branch has no idea. SmartCabinet allows you the ability to download packaging specifications, drawings, and instructions for assembly from anywhere.

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