What To Do When Your Winchester Gun Safe Locked Out

What To Do When Your Winchester Gun Safe Locked Out

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It is quite natural that you get panic-stricken when the gun safe is locked out. But by knowing the locking system facilities beforehand comes to your rescue of resolving the issue. Be it is a mechanical lock or electronic lock you should be thorough with the system and troubleshooting methods to overcome the unpleasant situation of gun safe locked out issue.

Understanding the importance of combination key to deal with Winchester gun safe locked out issue

The combination key is crucial for you to open the gun safe and safe guarding it is equally vital. You should also know how to change the combination key for a digital lock system. For mechanical locking system too, the key combination is important and you should keep it very safely. Knowing that the electronic lock system comes with factory set key combination and the manual recommends changing it immediately on installation. There are separate set of instructions for mechanical as well as digital locking system and you should know them well depending on the type of locking system you preferred at the time of gun safe purchase.

Get adapted to mechanical locking system know-how to avoid Winchester gun safe locked out issues

Winchester supplies a combo card that contains combination key set during its shipment to you.  Now start operating the mechanical gun safe using the instructions provided. Rotate the gun safe dial counterclockwise approximately three revolutions and stop when the first number positions at the index mark. Now you turn it dial clockwise and by allowing it to pass the second number twice over the index mark twice. When you rotate for the third time position the second number at the index mark and stop. Next, turn your gun safe dial counterclockwise and when the third number passes the index mark and stop it before second revolution. Now turn your gun safe dial clockwise gently before it comes to stop to indicate that the lock is released.

Get adapted to electronic locking system to overcome Winchester gun safe locked out issues

When you order a gun safe with electronic locking system, you will be delivered with gun safe and factory set key combination for electronic lock. Winchester advises you to reset the factory set combination key instantaneously after installation is done. Using Winchester factory set key combination you open the gun safe door. You should keep the door open and reset the combination keys. First you expand the locking bolts to the maximum and make sure that door will not be closed even by accidentally. Now you press zero button till you hear a double beep sound. The moment you hear double beep sound it specifies that keyboard is ready for programming. Now reset the factory key set combination by entering your own six digit key combination. If you hear double beep sound, it indicates that resetting is done properly.

Some of the troubleshooting instructions found in the manual to deal with Winchester gun safe locked out issues

When you enter new key combination for electronic lock it indicates that your new setting of key combination is done correctly. When you hear five beep sounds and lock not opened means the battery is dead and it is time to change the battery. When you hear three beep sounds and lock not opened means you are entering a wrong key combination or you have lost the key combination. Then you fill the combination request form and send it to Winchester for resolving it.

Acquainting with Mechanical lock system to grasp Winchester gun safe locked out problems

Please understand that you cannot change the key combination for a mechanical lock system. You should carefully keep the combo card supplied to you and make sure to get familiarize with its operation when the technician is present at the time of installation. If you want to change the key combination at any point of time, you can get it done by the authorized technician only who will charge you a nominal fee for this job.